La red escalable de microgeneración de hidrógeno

The green hydrogen microgrid

We are a trailblazing green hydrogen developer and, together, we'll create an entire ecosystem around the clean energy of the future.

What is green hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is hydrogen created using renewable energy.

Green hydrogen is generated by splitting a water molecule into oxygen and hydrogen molecules. This splitting process requires energy.

Hydrogen generation accounts for 2% of the world's total CO2 emissions; decarbonising its production would save 830 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Benefits of green hydrogen

El hidrógeno es un elemento Inagotable


It's the most abundant element in the universe; it exists as a diatomic molecule in nature when it is not combined with any other element: H2.

El hidrógeno es un elemento Inagotable


All that's needed to generate it is electricity from renewable energy sources and water.

El hidrógeno es un elemento Inagotable

Zero emissions

When used as fuel in hydrogen fuel cells to produce electricity, the only emission is water.

El hidrógeno es un elemento Inagotable


It's relatively easy to store. Therefore, it can be consumed after it has been generated.

El hidrógeno es un elemento Inagotable


It can be used as electricity or fuel for industrial, commercial or mobility purposes.


We are a renewable energy company focused on the generation of green hydrogen and photovoltaic solar energy.

We have developed a proprietary model for the innovative use of hydrogen in underdeveloped applications, such as heavy-duty generators or stand-alone power systems.

We strive to foster electrified mobility and its innovative uses, through H2aX applications, as well as to develop HRS (Hydrogen Refuelling Stations) and electric vehicle charging stations.

Our mission

To create small-scale, scalable, replicable and profitable green hydrogen and electricity generation and consumption models.

Our vision

The decarbonisation of the economy cannot depend on developing grandiose infrastructures that take a long time to get up and running. H2PLT aims to develop small-scale renewable energy production plants at a fraction of time and cost.

Our values

We believe in sustainable development. It is at the heart of our company, to minimise the impact on the environment, at a cost within everyone's reach.


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